Every human being entitles to permanent success. To get success first you need to get such things out of life which create obstacles to success.

De-clutter your room and invite only positive and best things for your life. Law of thinking says your thoughts, words, ideas even food you are cooking is going to happen in your life. It’s going to become part of your personality. Mostly we don’t invite best for our life rather people invite bad things in their lives.

Here are some good places to start.

1. Believing on being perfect.
Practice doesn’t make perfection it makes improvement. Perfection is nowhere on this plant. Usually people start working on perfectionism. Don’t wait for the perfect time, take the time and make it perfect. Stop believing on being perfect. If you are doing mistakes it means you are on the way to success.

2. Aiming very low.
Expand your horizons. Go big. Grow! Sometimes the process is painful, but it’s worth it.
You are unlimited and latest version. There is no limit except you make in your life. Biggest failure of the life is to aim very low. Why other people are successful because they aim very high. As les Brown said “Hit the moon if you will miss you will land in the stars”

3. Faking Continuously
Fake it until you fake it more. It means don’t stop dreaming. If your one dream is fulfilled then you need to dream another dream. Dream is only a wish until you are not writing it down as your goals. Fake it until you make it but it never means to fake it continuously.

4. Believing in luck.
A large number of people are not successful because they believe in luck, numbers, jackpots, and opportunities. For successful people opportunity is not a big deal. They create opportunities.

5. Waiting for perfect time.
I interviewed 1000s of people they unfortunately were waiting for perfect time, right place and right person to launch the product, policies and rules. Don’t’ wait for the perfect time, take the time and make it perfect.

6. Need to be approved by others.
Les Brown – Motivational and inspirational speaker said “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality” Usually people consumes themselves by other people opinions. It’s terrible!

7. Trying to manage it alone.
Two heads are better than one. Your perspective can be limited when you are alone. Even you can bring off alone but it’s not wiser decision because it twice as much work and half as much fun when you do it alone.

8. Doing unreal promises.
People assess you by seeing your commitments to your promises. Once you breach your promise bring you unworthiness. You in the market sell only your credibility. Try to make your promises rare but bring hundred percent reliability.

9. Stay in your strength zone
Why other people are not successful because they usually stay in their weakness zone. They spend most of their time, energy and money in correction. Gradually we need to fix out our weakness but need to work more on strengths.

10. Blaming others.
Why other people are usually unsuccessful because they are not responsible people. Their blaming attitude put them down in the dump.

11. Omitting negative thoughts.
Whatever you think is going to happen. Your thoughts whether positive or negative are going to become your future. People don’t’ take it seriously and mostly living with negative thoughts. Stop living with negative thoughts by affirmation. In Today, You are finding answers of questions which you’ll have after a decade.

12. Hanging over in the past.
Today is the first day for the rest of your life. Don’t try to recognize others by their past. In past your and he/she were absolutely different people.

13. Trying to be popular.
You must make sure you are going for failure if you are going to please everyone. You must know who is most important to you. In bottom line you must be must most important to you and always try to please yourself.

14. Small goals.
Yes dream big, believe big, act big, think big and results would be big. Don’t make small goals because small goals will yield you small and usually big goals give you huge and big results.

15. Holding on to grievances.
Your mind is like a house having so many rooms and your rooms are not available for the unauthorized people. Don’t allow anybody wicked to occupy your room. You must stay up free of mind to achieve your professional, personal and financial goals. Stop living with grudges and grievances.

16. Neglecting change.
Change never happens itself. It’s you who allows the change to get happened in your life. Changes bring you best use of time, money and energy. Change helps you to tune up your life and mind.

17. Fear of making mistakes.
Mistakes and failures are the feedback. You learn from mistakes. If you are doing mistakes it means you’re making efforts. You must make attempts like kids who never scared of making mistakes. We can learn from kids because they have no fear of making mistakes.

18. Saying Negative words”
Your words, thoughts even foods are going to happen and build your future. Mostly people are not successful because they use negative words in their life. Word problem can be re-phrased by situation, opportunity and challenge. You need to eliminate word “should” etc. are quite abusive and negative words.

19. Showing low self esteem
Stop showing low self-esteem. Mostly people they present themselves as shrinking violet it’s actually not going to help you at all.

20. Blabbering & Gossiping
Gossipers are losers. They are always busy in chit chats. They don’t talk about ideas rather they are always busy in talking about other people. They are not supportive and compassionate.

21. Staying down in the dumps.
Failures are the feedbacks. Failures give you another opportunity to get the things done in much better way. Failures are the part of success. What is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people? Failure people fail once and successful people fail many a time.

22. Murmuring and complaining
Blaming and complaining are the cousins. Complainers are the losers. They are seeking opportunities rather successful people are creating opportunities. They lack psychological strength. They are the people who wait to happening they don’t want to make the things happen. If you spend time complaining about yesterday, you won’t have time to make tomorrow better.

23. Hanging out with losers.
Why people are not successful because they don’t know about successful people, they have not read about successful people and they don’t spend their time with successful people likewise they have no experience to listen successful people. Negative people on the other hand will tell you how to lose. So, therefore, negative people are losers and get them out of our life

24. Comparing yourself with others is marathon abuse.
Sometime people are the biggest enemies of themselves but they don’t know and they are killing themselves silently, emotionally and spiritually. Once Celine Deon said I don’t compare myself with others I compare my performance with last performance. I am not in competition with anybody but myself my goal is to beat my last performance.

25. Thinking you can’t put a dent in the universe.
You can’t achieve in your life what you want rather you can achieve what you believe. People need to have valuable stock of believes. They are usually living with wrong and unfruitful believes. If you don’t have a believe in yourself you can borrow it from other successful people have strong and stupendous believes.
Each of us can make a difference- and together we can make a change. Live full and die empty. Everybody on this planet deserves to enjoy success and to achieve their goals. Disastrously, people stop believing to have a capability to make a difference. Stop learning all those which is not going to help you to get success or to get focused for the success.