Latest research says, there are many common key factors to success are discovered as common among the incredible leaders. One strength was found common in all that they all were used to wake up early in the morning, wow! Waking up early helps you to manage your time, if you are good time manager then you would be good life manager. If you are great time manager you would be great life manager. If you are incredible time manger you would be incredible life manager. Time management is core value remember it’s not external one. Time is managed by work management. Usually time management concept is misunderstood by the people. People bungle with this ideology therefore it needs to be understood in right direction.
Collectively, body requires two types of diets i.e. mental diet and physical diet. 99% people on this planet take exercise and acquire diet to stay physically sound. But barely and hardly people take and know about mental diet. May be my bazillions of readers have no idea about mental diet. Remember, mental diet is most important one as the physical one. Your mental diet will tune you up for the whole day. You easily can manage your work; you undoubtedly, will produce enormous results. In peak hours you easily can switch from one work to another one. You wouldn’t be lethargic rather you’d be highly motivated and magnificently enthusiastic about your tasks.
1-Cerebral Health
According to Brian Tracy “21 day mental diet Plan” concept you need to get up at least 2 hours before your work or office time. Your first hour is most valuable time. Normally people start jogging, exercising and do stretching in first hour, stop doing all that in first morning hour!
In the first groundbreaking hours you need to listen, read or watch somebody inspirational, motivational and breathtaking. Straightforwardly I can recommend these irrefutable and unabridged people like Mr. Les Brown, Louise Hay, Jack canfield, Brain Tracy, Bob Proctor, John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Mike Littman, etc. You can listen their tapes and audios. You can watch their videos. You can read their books as well. It would get you in spirit and motivated all day. It, likewise, would keep you in element. You can enjoy highest level of self-esteem. Your all stresses are vanished. You would be loved and respected by others, colleagues, friends and family likewise you, understandable, would be respected at your working hours and job avenues. Palpably, you this way can motivate other people to get better outcome out of your employees.
Practice doesn’t make perfection it makes improvements. There’s no perfection there’s always improvement. Stop believing in perfection and always work hard and smart. Often, I noticed, people have lot of knowledge but they are not successful why because they don’t practice it. Keep practicing until it becomes your habit and first nature. I believe practice is better than knowledge if it is practiced perfectly.
2-Biological Health
Your second hour belongs to your physical health. You need to do stretching, jogging, Yoga etc. to keep yourself fit. It would help you to escape from unnecessary fatigue and lethargies. For physical fitness you must rely on awesome and hygienic foods and juices. Brian says you need to take fresh orange juice after taking exercises.
For maintaining your physical health you need to take breakfast. Everybody of us knew that breakfast is most important meal of the day, unlikely it’s one of the most neglected and skipped as well. If you eat well in the morning it will give you a more nutritionally complete diet. In addition it will give you high level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It gets you more focused at your working place. You can improve your concentration level and performance. Usually you are very busy at work and can’t measure how much calories you’re losing. Breakfasts can give you energy and help you to endurance to get connected with physical activity. Your cholesterol level also goes downward. Eat your breakfast although it’s egg and whole wheat toast. Often you are immersed busy and have no time to get breakfast, you can rely on milk, orange juice, yogurt, grab a banana. Heartedly take breakfast although is better policy, but something is better than nothing. Morning drink is a healthier choice. Coffee even isn’t bad for you. Drinks will give you extra wakeup call and power. Coffee in addition gives you antioxidants, essential nutrients and ingredient that overcome depression. 3-3-
3- Assuagement    
Brain starts working when it is active and sharp as a tack. You are upraised after pressing the snooz button few times. You suddenly realize that you are getting late from work. You then step out to get working place as soon as you can. Facing horrible morning traffic and haggling over parking slot. After getting into working desk you start feeling relax with coffee.
Before going into mental and physical diet you must give some time to think about your day and most important activities. Everyone gets fresh 24 hours in a day. Now it’s all up to you how are going to spend your 24 hours. Likewise your first hour and your next 12 hours are highly valuable. You would be rewarded for your first twelve hours. You need to extend your day by start working early. If you would put extra hours it means you are investing your time for your future. An awesome idea in the morning can move you as splendidly motivated person. You start working on your biggest and most important goal. You need to ask three questions in the evening. Firstly, what you have done whole day to achieve your goal. Second, if you are giving another opportunity to do this so how would you like to do differently. Thirdly you are going to review or modify your goal. One more thing you can do to get relaxed write down three thankful things. Your atmosphere gives you the sense of direction. Leave your bed as early as possible and sit outside bedroom. You can go in your lawn. Going and sitting in kitchen is more suitable. It will make your mind to get breakfast etc.
Getting out of bed right after waking up also keeps you away from that nettlesome snooze button.
4- More Sleep
Everybody needs to sleep at least 8 hours for healthy and long lasting life. Disastrously and grievously in USA average sleeping is 6.8 hours, indeed there is a big deficit. We want to be rewarded more and more in our today’s economy therefore we want to work more and more. Obviously we want to make our living by spending less time and money. But there’s no compromise on energy because it’s going to kill your productivity when it comes to sleep. Tight sleeping makes our life more charismatic and enthusiastic. It automatically would double your productivity. Stop kidding yourself and don’t steal your sleep time.
Sleeping well can keeps us sharp as tack. You dramatically can overcome your mind performance, creating fatigue, inability to get focused, slow reflexes, slow reactions time etc.
Good Sleeping habit enormously advances your E.Q., I.Q. You can advance your emotional quotient and intelligent quotient. Most importantly you would be emotionally disciplined. Surprisingly minds get refreshed and active while you sleep. Your mind while you sleep integrates latest information you pick up in a day, processing memories and sorting the significant from all the meaningless stuff. Sleep is essential, if work primarily depends on creativity and insight.
Tight Sleeping rejoice & rejuvenate your emotions and get you more disciplined.
Tom Rath says “Getting enough sleep is like hitting the reset button”. In his book Eat Move Sleep, Tom Rath adds that sleep reduces stress chemicals in the brain and dials back the part of the brain that processes emotions. The result is that we can start fresh if we invest in our sleep.

Sleep replenishes & exhilarates our physiques.
We manipulate unnecessary stress, and that stress contributes to depression, fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure, and a lot more damages. By sleeping less your stress chemicals in bodies accelerate your immunity system. It improves metabolism. Obviously if you are not going to wake up earliest you have got to get extra hours to your project.

5- More Productive
Your whole day productivity depends upon the waking up early. You easily can move from one activity to another one. You this way can win a lot by the lunch time; it is only possible when you start your day early. You can optimize most important tasks at the earliest because you’d be so fresh to complete your most valuable tasks. You this way can save your energy, time and money. You can give less energy and time to less important tasks. So being wiser guy you need to take most important tasks done right away and save your messages and emails when you’ll be feeling little less focused. Escape all snooze buttons and clock together. It’s going to bring you down if you will make these your permanent friends. Waking up 2 hours before going to work can add unbelievable value to your work eventually it would help you to take mental exercise along with physical exercise. So make 5 a.m. your permanent friend if you want to rock your life.