I never teach students while I’m with them in class room. I always wanted to get them inspired and motivated for dreaming big dreams and taking risk. They deserve to live with their dreams. I never help them to find their lives I want them to create their lives. I am always there to make them sure that they are incredible. I practically instigate them to live fully and die empty. I tell them you are unlimited version of yourself so be unlimited and exceptional. You are creating your own story by writing your script so write it well and edit it as much as you can. Practice is going to make improvements in your life, remember success has no ending. Concentrate on you three major goals i.e. personal goal, financial number goal and social contribution. Why other countries are most successful because they are ashamed to die without major social contribution. Remember, God Help those who help others, otherwise you are going to create negative life. Say I am responsible for whatever I am today. I don’t believe in general economy I trust in me and strong believe in personal economy. I will create wider perspective and positive spectrum whenever I’ll take up any assignment. You are going to encourage if you are discouraged in your life. You will understand the purpose of your life. After knowing your purpose you are going to get focused on your life. You’ll be flexible to achieve your goals. You’ll never change your goal but change for your goal. I have got to be hungry because I deserve to be uncommon. Remember your life is equal to average of 5 people you spend your most time with. Dear students SAY NO TO DEATH, love your life. Your thoughts become your reality. Always think about your thoughts. Learn how to covert negative thoughts into positive. Affirmation is most valuable. Believe in yourself If you are not how other people would believe in you? You’ll never compare yourself with others because you are stupendous and going to put a dent in this universe by your thoughts and wisdom. Heads up!! Opinion of other people about you is not going to become your reality and get he losers out of your life because one negative person or thought can devastate your life. Don’t be scared of fear of failures. The failures are there between YOU and your success. If you are not confident enough so look at the confident people and borrow their confident. If you want to be successful then you have to read and listen about successful people. Only successful people can tell you how to get success. Remember, unsuccessful people fail just once in their  life and successful people failed many a time. Michel Jordan, Thomas Edison, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dawyer, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Canfield and a lot more are the biggest success story. Say to yourself I’m gotta be a biggest success………..