Apple and Samsung are laboring with the Group Special Mobile Association to annihilate the orthodox SIM card. The duo is longing to evolve an electronic version of a SIM that would acknowledge consumers to expeditiously and dexterously change between mobile networks.


The technology abaft the e-SIM will be akin to the Apple SIM. This was brought in with the iPad Air 2 and let consumers instantaneously switch between data networks on the tablet.

A divergence between pair is that as long as consumers could oust the Apple SIM, the e-SIM will be non-removable, allowing the SIM card slot to be taken off from smartphones.


The GSMA is assuming to conclude the stipulations of the e-SIM so that it can send off sometime in 2016. The association is buoyant that a “common architecture” for the e-SIM will be ultimately adopted by the telecom industry.

Previously, sizable carriers including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Vodafone, Orange, and Telefónica have backed the proposed e-SIM standard.