Lesley Brown says “Did you realize that most heart attacks occur on Monday morning between the hours of 8am to 9am according to European Journal of Epidemiology? What do you think could cause that? It’s because most of us are getting ready for work on Monday mornings and let’s be honest here most of us don’t enjoy our work. As a matter of fact we hate it. We despise working at our work because it’s something we never thought we would end up doing.”
Why this challenging situation occurs because people are not motivated at and for their work. There are many reasons but I think this is why because they are not motivated for work.
According to No. 1 Life Coach, Motivational speaker and success coach Mr. Brian Tracy said, you need to get up early in the morning. Latest research says, many common key factors to success are discovered as common among the incredible leaders and legends. One personality attribute was found common in all that they all are used to wake up early in the morning. Waking up early help you to manage your time, if you are good time manager then you would be good life manager. If you are great time manager you would be great life manager. If you are incredible time manger you would be incredible life manager. Time management is core value. Time is managed by work management. Usually time management concept is misunderstood by the people. People bungle with this ideology. It needs to be understood in right direction.
Collectively, our body requires two types of diets i.e. mental diet and physical diet. 99% people on this planet take exercise and acquire diet to stay physically sound. But barely and hardly people take and know about mental diet. May be my bazillions of readers have no idea about mental diet. Remember, mental diet is most important one as the physical one. Your mental diet will tune you up for the whole day. You easily can manage your work; you undoubtedly, will produce enormous results. In peak hours you easily can switch from one work to another one. You wouldn’t be lethargic rather you’d be highly motivated and magnificently enthusiastic about your tasks.
According to Brian Tracy “21 day diet Plan” concept you need to get up at least 2 hours before your work or office time. Your first hour is most valuable time. Normally people start jogging, exercising and do stretching in first hour, stop doing all that in first morning hour!
In the first groundbreaking hours you need to listen, read or watch somebody inspirational, motivational and breathtaking. Straightforwardly I can recommend these irrefutable and unabridged people like Mr. Les Brown, Louise Hay, Jack canfield, Brain Tracy, Bob Proctor, John C. Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Mike Littman, etc. You can listen their tapes and audios. You can watch their videos. You can read their books as well. It would get you in spirit and motivated all day. It, likewise, would keep you in element. You can enjoy highest level of self-esteem. Your all stresses are vanished. You would be loved and respected by others, colleagues, friends and family likewise you, understandable, would be respected at your working hours and job avenues. You this way can motivate other people to get better outcome out of your employees.
Practice doesn’t make perfection it makes improvements. Often, I noticed, people have lot of knowledge but they are not successful why because they don’t practice it. Keep practicing until it becomes your habit and first nature. I believe practice is better than knowledge if it is practiced perfectly.