A spiritually thoughtful leader told my mother that your son is going to be a biggest success and he will shine like star. He’d be phosphorescence in darkness on this planet. He’s got to be a big success. I, honest-to-goodness, barely could believe in all this unlikely my mommy had shown a strongest faith in that leader. I thought this old person is an old buffoonery, how can I be? I had so bazillions of reasons to justify that I can’t be a biggest success. My mother was used to say many a time in a day that my son has got to be a biggest success in life. She’s been saying this line for over 20 years till her death. I was used to say mom it looks ridiculous please stop saying all that, I can’t be a big success because we don’t have resources, money, food, house, dresses, school, electricity, bicycle etc.. My mother was used to say you have an incredible person what other whopping 7 billion people don’t have on this planet. Who is he Mommy, I asked my mother. She very politely said YOU. So great mommy didn’t stop saying that I know one thing that my son has got to be a biggest success. She set big expectations for me at very early ages. My mother had been calling me SIR since childhood. One day I asked Mommy why you unnecessarily call me SIR, she replied I want you to believe in that you deserve to be called as SIR. I want you to believe that you are incredible and NO.1 person on this planet.


  1. You can be a high achiever by setting high expectation
  2. Your predictions and thoughts are going to happen in your life.
  3. Setting high expectations are the best resources you can invest in your children
  4. Your life remote control is in your hand
  5. If you can think and dream big you can achieve big
  6. Hit the moon if you will miss it you are going to land among the stars
  7. Live your dreams, don’t be scared with failures. Failure are always there between you and success.