What you are looking forward in your life is “HAPPINESS”, yes or no? If answer is YES so have you ever thought why most of the people are unhappy with their lives? Have you ever thought why people can’t achieve their big dreams? Have you ever thought why did you quit from your big dream? Have you imagined ever why people don’t take risks to come their dream true in their lives? Have you ever thought why your ideas are not coming true? Have you ever imagined why have you not achieved your financial number yet? Have you ever imagine why people are scare of failures and rejections? Have you ever imagine why people have self-doubt, frustration, depression or hopelessness? Have you ever thought why people have no influence over other people? Have you ever thought your best friend and you completed graduation in the same year but he’s most successful person in his or her life? Have you ever thought why your friends are mostly happy camper in their personal life?

Don’t’ set hope for you; just stop kidding yourself because hope is not a strategy. You deserve to be uncommon so don’t wait for the perfect time just take the time and make it perfect. Mostly people spend their life finding themselves rather to create themselves. So life isn’t about finding yourself it’s about to create your life. Why other people are mostly successful because of achieving their material and non-material goals. Concepts are rapidly changing about living “Charity Begins at home is replaced by “Success begins at home” Why and how, because if you are unable to manage your personal intimate relations you can’t be successful at your workplace, Office, College or University. Your intimate relations are biggest source of support to your ideas. They can help you as trusted critic group. Remember, if you don’t select your trusted critic group then get ready to be criticized by everyone. Quality of intimate relations will determine your quality of life and work. How can we manage our relations splendidly? Do you want a magical improvement in your relationship, say “yes”. We need to getting started living with some special considerations. I would like to suggest you to write all the expectations what your Boss, Teachers, colleagues, Friends, spouse, brother, sister, etc. have from you. Write it on piece of paper because when you write on paper you actually write on your mind. If you write it on paper you can touch it, you can see it, you can edit it well many a time. We need to give a deliberate and diligent effort to have greatest relationships with people we are connected in our life. This piece of paper will work as memorandum of understanding between you and your subconscious. Remember It’s not going to happen in a day rather it will take 21 days. Practice all the expectations until it become your habits. You would see with little effort you can bring a revolution in your life through this blueprint.