Mike’s 2Es Law need to be understood by all human beings. EARS & EYES (2 E’s) are two big gates to our personality. You can’t stop learning when your 2Es are working or at least one. You must get focused on right information or you have to resist against bad information therefore it’s recommended that you need to stay with winners or successful people. Because you are going to add up believes (bad or good) which will help you to get success or failure. We usually live with losers, as Lesley Brown said if you are living up with 9th losers, you are going to be the 10th one. I recommend it from bottom of my heart because you are going to be Brobdingnagian, charismatic and spectacularly more incredible.

Once upon a time a 10 years boy assassinated 3 men, he was asked by the adjudicator how did you manage to kill 3 people. He said it’s quite easy for me because I kill thousands of people in a day. Court asked where did you kill those thousands, he politely said on my video games.

All type of information you are collecting intentionally or unintentionally through your learning gates are going to become part of your believe stock. You can’t achieve in your life what you want; you only achieve what you believe. Why most of the people on planet are not successful because they don’t know about successful people. They have not read or listen those successful people. They never met with successful people. If you want to be successful people then go and meet with successful people because they are going to help you to become successful and inspirational people. Although time, money and energy are the best investments of human. You can achieve more if you are putting more time, energy and money. Time is notwithstanding is a best human resource. What is best usage of time? Best usage of time is to invest your time in attending seminars, training and workshops. One minor idea is going to help you to bring enormous change in your life. Most of the time professionals and individuals say that we have no time to attend seminars, workshops and training. In USA people averagely drive 50k miles a year. They can listen motivational training seminars while driving their cars. If they can utilize this time it would be more than any top university credit hours.