A vital star Alex Morgan played a pivotal role in US Women World Cup Soccer 2015 victory. She is one of the US Women‘s National Team most spawning goal scorers. She is writer and authored children’s books.  She’s been a brobdingnagian and immensely popular. This is usually people all know about it.

“Success begins at home” Family has played stupendous role in Morgan’s endless success with endless support.

1.    Father “Mike” Coached her as mentor in youth
She grew up in CL, Diamond Bar, Morgan played innumerable sports as other children but finally she selected to play soccer. Mike, Her father I think was a major contributor, although he’d no idea of sports but he didn’t stop her and helped her to nurture as player. Mike, bought her a first goal when she was only 10. He practiced with Morgan day in and day out to groom as player.
“My dad was huge for me,” said Morgan in 2012. “He was the only dad sitting at every practice and he still has not missed a national team game.”

2. A diligently supportive Mommy

How Pam mother of contributed to her life . Alex explains:

“My mom was the type who was really loving and supportive and super positive. She’s like, ‘Honey, if you lose, it’s ok,’ whereas my Dad always wanted me to push the limits. He’s like, ‘You’ve got to be the best. No one remembers No. 2.’ I feel really lucky to have gotten to have both viewpoints. I got the best of both worlds.”

Pam and Gloria Carrasco (Mother in Law), were recognized in Coca-Cola’s Share The Bench campaign, which “aims to recognize and inspire the people who help the athletes on the pitch stay driven as they strive for their goals.”
3.    She has siblings (2 older sis)

She has two sibling sisters including Jeri and Trio who are 6 and 4 respectively. She’s been a runt to his family because treated as ‘BABY HORSE”.
“I’d race them down the street,” Morgan said. “Everything was a competition. Beating someone to us was just so sweet, even if it was just a family member.”
4. She is espoused to Servando Carrasco


Morgan encountered first time with Servando in University of California while they were playing soccer there they hanged out for some time. They both got married on New Year Eve 2014.
“We are both so happy, grateful and excited to start our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Carrasco,” Morgan said. “I truly married my best friend.”

5. Her Mother-in-Law as biggest inspiration and Motivation source she give Her Pink Headband


Many know about Morgan’s famous pink headband. It even has its own Twitter account with nearly 2,000 followers. But what’s less known about the headband is why Morgan wears it.
She wears it in support of Gloria Carrasco, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She eventually beat it and remains healthy.