By affirmation you can turn your negative thoughts into positive. Literally, we are lugging and exalting with two types of thoughts i.e. negatives or positives. We can’t stop thinking so we think and always busy thinking. Disastrous and grievous news is “we don’t know what we are thinking” iota and barely, have a notion of what we think. But I’m here to tell you about this most valuable and big time spending activity which we do whole life the most.
A large number of trainees, often, ask me in my trainings, workshops and seminars that our Life is not good. My answer is very simple to such folks “your life is what are you doing with yourself”. So there’s no complain!! What you need is to accept yourself as RESPONSIBLE person. Say yourself I am responsible for what I am today and I am not going to blame other people for my failures. I met lot of people they blame others for their failures including their intimate relations,  brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, intimate relations, wife, spouse, Hubby, betrayer, splitters, co-partners and themselves. I found millions of people they blame Jesus.
Dear folks!!
Today is the first day for the rest of your life.” Today you are finding answers of questions which you will catechize yourself after a decade. Your TODAY is going to establish your future events. Your recent life is the answer of past choices. Bazillion of people complain about their recent times but they never look at their past choices.
Blokes!! You would have an interesting wringer at the point that how your present is going to establish your future?


Nature reveals quite amazing things for you. Remember your THOUGHTS, IDEAS, WORDS are going to happen and become part of your future. You’d be surprised “YOUR FOODS” are going to build your future by characterization. So what is happening to you today was a positive or negative thought, word, ideas you had in past…I usually say your food is also going to enact your future. So your present choices are going to happen in future. How and why does it happen this is I think most important question at this level. Remember nature is always busy to acknowledge your thoughts. It would be amazing for readers that when you think your mind creates vibes and these vibes go into nature and come back to your mind after acknowledgement by nature. Sometime your pal or gal gives you a stop by visit and you get surprised because you were just talking about that friend.
Before we are understood by affirmation we need to know what sort of thoughts come to your mind. I would suggest you to write all types of your thoughts at least for a week three times a day. You’d be quite understood and would be able to rate your thoughts. It’s necessary because nobody like their negative thoughts to become reality for them. So what can you do to convert your negative thought into positive? Let’s illustrate by a case study” let’s find what are the negative thoughts “I can’t be a richest person” rather you need to say” I am the richest person on this planet” so affirmation is most valuable of negatives thoughts otherwise it would happen with you. We Usually people reject ourselves when they see themselves in mirror by saying YOU ARE NOT BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE BLACK, YOU ARE NOT THIN, YOU’VE NOT DONE GOOD TO YOUR LIFE etc. Bazillions of people have rejected themselves and their lives. Life is very simple if we can affirm our thoughts. Your positives thoughts can help you to set your goals. It would create strong desire, strong desire create strong faith. Strong faith is going to help you to construct positive action plans. Positive actions create strongest desire and so on.