Doubt in self is phrased as self-doubt. Self-doubting inhibits you from moving forward, being creative and loving and having relationships. Everybody is on some level of self-doubting. Self-doubting leads to self-destructing behavior. Perception of self-doubting locks in believes. 1000 professional in different projects were interviewed to find out the genuine root cause of their failure in different projects and ideas. “Why could you not succeed in relevant project” most of them had the common reason of failure that “we had no believe of success before getting started”.  It creates negative thoughts about believes. It gives you fear. Fear get you hospitalized, Fear gives you spiritual death and rejection. It holds you back to take risk to come your dreams true.  It gives a fear of failure. It gives you low self-esteem. Person starts doubting of being not good enough, not being valued, having no good future. When someone is suffering from this psychological order he or she doesn’t allow anyone to get entered in his or her life. Self-doubting person fights hard for keeping secrecy of his life. “Secrets keep you sick and you only a sick is a secret” why self-doubting person doesn’t allow to share his/her secrets because of fear of rejection, sense of not being good enough and sense of inadequacies. So this way people start living more defensively and self-protectively. Self-doubting leads you to doubting your faith in God. Your self is God if someone doubts in himself or herself it means he/she doubts in God. A week ago I was going to a training seminar; suddenly I revealed a thought that “I am not good speaker”.  Sometime people lose faith over Almighty because they believe in but have no confidence in Him. Usually people lose faith because of death of their child, betrayed by spouse, Handicapped children, Beaten up by their parents in their childhood, no change in financial conditions despite of working day in and day out, rejected by so many organizations in job interviews, etc. A traumatic situation compels you to accept as responsible for the situation occurred. A lady told me that she was beaten up by her mother. She was detained in basement by her mother. Her father got her admitted in exclusive and expensive hostel where she completed her High school. She is now 54 but still has self-doubting. She considers herself responsible for what happened with here in childhood. She, this way, started living with sense of being not good enough. She assumed herself guilty for whatever her parents did with her. Sometime parent’s unknowing misbehaviors and misconducts take their kids into self-doubting world for whole of their lives. One more Teacher was caught up by a trauma in her childhood when her father left her mother and knotted a tie with another lady. She, considers, herself responsible for all happenings. She is mother of 3 kids but still suffering from self-doubting.

Self-doubting steals boldness. It creates self-limiting believes and you get out of focused your goals. It leads to lack of motivation to achieve your desired goal. If there would be no motivation there would be no action there would be no change. If there would be no change there would be no result. If there would be no result there would be no learning. If there would be no learning there would be no progress. If there would be no progress there would be momentum. If there would be no momentum there would be no development. If there would be no development there would be no future. If there would be no future there would be no life. If there is no life there would be no purpose. No purpose means there would be no self-fulfillment. Self-doubting leads to procrastination which hold the people back to get their work in time.