The Google Doodle revealed bumpy and helter-skelter traffic flow on Wednesday to pay homage to the first glimpsing happened in 101 years ago. It’s a celebration and giving first electric Green and Red signal message to whole world. The Light blinks in two colors green and red. Unfortunately it had no yellow signal light at the start.
The Google Doodle flaunted the glimpse like it was electrified 101 years ago for American traffic. The electric equipment was installed first time in American History in Cleveland, Ohio, on Aug. 5, 1914 at the corner of 105th and Euclid. 6 Cleveland horse-drawn wagons on ONE WAY have been showed up the doodle with embossed GOOGLE. Masses already have been trying to find alternatives to traffic regulations. It instinctively collapsed so proved to be indecisive when first time gas-lit traffic signals were deployed in the 19th Century in the United Kingdom. So it was vacuous attempt to bring change in structure