Would you be interested to know why 20% people are living and other 80% people just exist on this planet? Why 20% people on this planet are most successful? Why other 3% are rocking and live like out of this world? Why and how 3% are enjoying their lives at their best? Why people like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs are always under lime light, in news, social or print media or the websites? How do you feel when you like other people are getting the same amount of time at every morning then why other people are most successful? Would you like to know what they are doing special which help them to get out from 80% people to 20% people? Would you like to know why other people are mostly broken at the age of 40? Would you love to live 30 for whole of your life? Are you passionate to live as happy camper with your family and intimate relationship? Do you really want to have promotions, appraisals and increment in your salary? Do you really want to maximize your productivity at your work? Would you really like to increase your sales and profitability in your business? Would you really like to minimize all non-productive conflicts from your workplace? Do you really want to improve your quality of life? Have you ever thought why people get severe heart attack on Monday morning from 8 to 9 am before going to work? Would you like to feel your workplace as your home place? Would you really like to be enthusiastic about your life?

These 3% most successful people on this planet overall have learnt few skills. All skills are learnable. The best usage of time is to “manage your time”. Time management means life management. Time management gives you a sense of control on your life. 60% people in America have learnt this art to getting control on their lives by managing their time. They have created their own personal economy other 40% rely on general economy. If you are great time manager your life would be great. If you are poor time manager your life would be poor. This way your life remote control is in your hand. Time is never managed by time it is managed by activities. We need to have certain great time management habits. Here are few habits which can help you to manage your time.

Roll your bed early for two reasons. You need to manage it to get up at least 2 hours before hitting your way to workplace.  First you can increase the length of your day by getting start early. Secondly you can give first hour to feed yourself by mental diet. In first hour you need to listen, read or watch motivational & Inspirational stuff to tune yourself up for the day. In second hour you need to take physical diet for example taking exercise and fresh orange juice. Close your day bit late why because you are going to plan your next day by today. You have got to write everything today what you are going to do tomorrow. Don’t open your email in first three hours, if you will open your email as the first activity of your day. It will distract you all day from your most important work because you’ll be out of focused. By the end of the day you must know which is most important live frog you have to eat first in the morning. Your subconscious will resolve and help you to find out solutions to get the most important job done in the morning. To know your internal prime time is most valuable tool to best utilization of time. Prime time of your day is the most awakened time of the day. If you are night person then Morning is your prime time. For the day people your evening time is your internal prime time. So get your most important task and projects done in your in your most productive time. Remember Journey is most yearning time of your life time because this is the most uninterrupted time. Become a knowledge worker, Average time of your travelling in one year is double than university credit hours. So don’t waste that time and listen your work related material in your Mp3 or read at your laptop or IPAD. 6Ps “proper prior planning protects you from poor performance”

“Time is Money” and “Money is Time” why because if you have money you can manage your relations in much better way by hanging out somewhere with your family. You can go for the world tour. You can take more courses. You can learn more skills. Your success is away just from one skill.