“La Tomatina” festivity brings world’s largest veggies scuffle
Bunol – Eastern Spain blazoned with an out of mind and out of sight wrangle ‘LA TOMATOINA”. This day every year is lauded for an hour on the last Wednesday of August. A large number of people outpour on the town to bunt the tomatoes as a part of this festivity.
This festivity is not confined to this smallest Spanish municipal; however, – today’s Google Doodle is joining hands to commemorate this party.  This is overall 70th anniversary of this largest veggies fight on the planet.
This festivity was initialized in 1945, when a n picked up tomatoes from a nearest vegetable outdoor stall and began to fire with tomatoes at everybody, on the occasion of annual town parade. Next year masses repeated the action. Notwithstanding, they were forced to stop this fight by local authorities but in vain. They started to celebrate this day as an official festival in 1957. Nate Swinehart crafted this awesome Google Doodle. Around 50k people are expected to join on Wednesday.