1-Be Self-Disciplined  
If you are business professional then you needs to be self-disciplined first. This attitude can help you enormously to fix your business bugs. Self-disciplined professional can easily remove all distractions or temptations. They eat regularly and live healthily. Awesome business professionals don’t wait for it to “feel right.” They schedule their breaks, treats, and rewards for themselves. They control their anger by Forgiving others, parent, friends, colleagues, intimate relations. They forgive to betrayers and breakers.  They forgive themselves and move forward. They live without grudges, depressions, distractions, tensions, worries etc.

2- Have Self-Denial
Kop kopmayor one of the top American writer and philosopher drafted 1000 key factor in 4 books which lead you to get success. He, once, told Brian Tracy on informal dinner that Self-denial is the most valuable keys. Although my all 1000 factors are most important but I think Self-denial is incredibly valuable and important out of 1000 factors.

3-Replace word problem with “Challenge, opportunity and Situation”
Words are very important in our life. Word can build up your attitude. Your words, thoughts and expectations are going to happen. If you take word problem as challenge, you are going to make the things happens and can fix even big stink. If you replace word problem with opportunity you are, it means, going to find goods in bad. Why other people are most successful because they motivate and lift themselves up even they are down in the dumps. They find mavericks and good opportunities in problems.

4-Modify your Goal
Professionals and entrepreneurs need to get focused on current and upcoming impediments. You need to fix those for you can do something. If your obstacles look impregnable then modify your goals if you feel necessary.

5-Get focused on facts, Opinions and Judgments
One of the most demeanors that can fix any business glitch is to get focused on finding distinctions and discrepancy of facts, opinions and judgments. Interpretations of the facts are the big deal. Don’t be judgmental before analysis.

6-Be an incredible listener
You need to be an awesome listener. You most of the time are busy arbitrating and adjudicating. Listening is more important than speaking. You have to examine when you listen experts, analysts, top brasses, authorities and colleagues. Ask questions if you are not understood and stop arguing. Don’t try to be adjudicator or refuter on what you listen.

7-Use reason not ego
You need to go onto reasoning rather pride. If you are more interested and desirous to falsify the facts if you have to manage your pride otherwise you’d be unable to managing the glitch-solution process. Problem solution depends up the reasoning and finding logics. You can’t manage and fix issues with pride and ego.

8- Get fixed the problem soon
Get every moment you can to collect and process information from all possible sources. You got to look at the affordability of time, don’t take more than you easily can afford. You don’t need to take initiatives for evaluations and selection of a modus operandi precipitately.

9-Get focused on surmountable Impediments
You first need to get focused to pin out on surmountable impediments that create hindrance to a solution.  You are there to pick off the remained one if there is any block to a solution, you need to point out and overcome.

10-Implement solutions by others
Once you have found out the solutions. Second challenge comes to get this implemented. Remember you are supposed to implement the solutions by others. So educate and train them about the benefits. You need to get them informed them first before you telling advantages.

11-Choice is Control
You need to analyze your “believe stock”. Law of thinking say everything is going to happen whatever your thoughts and believes are. If you have a belief of “CONTROL” then you have. Start believing that you have had strong control. Even if you are wrong in fact, the perception that you have control will promote your ability to perform.
If you are not satisfied with your life change it because it’s not like a tree which you can’t change.