Vine is upgrading enormously by its innovations and service quality on network. Vine has given a serious bump by introducing 6 and 12 second videos 1080p captured. Now it would be available on ios devices. Reported from NY

Vine has acknowledged that quality just like Instagram (social media network) started accepting 1080p image uploading.  Smartphone execution has moved on and the service is being adjusted to account for the fact that nearly every new smartphone has a full 1080p HD display.

Vine videos started out at just 480p resolution but have been gradually improving in terms of quality.

However, the change is not automatic. Users will have to select the quality setting within the app’s ‘Your Content’ section.

Vine took initiative at 480p resolution but gradually improved its quality. Change is only the permanent element on this planet. To make it more friendly users are empowered to select the level of quality.