Visualization is an outstanding source of getting passionate about fulfillment of ideas. Expectation is the main stimuli to visualize. To visualize means to form a picture of someone or something in your mind, in order to imagine or remember them. Its mind-alerting activity which enormously can help you to blow your mind for achieving something which you really want in your life. I noticed in my life success people have a strong visualization about their lives. Visualization is a foundation on which you can develop your success castle. You can visualize your success.  Are living in rags? Are you on leadership position? Have you started up? Are you an entrepreneur? Are you a sports person and going to take part in a mega event? Are you learning association and want to qualify for your PHD? Are you parenting your kids and you wanted to see them incredibly successful in their lives? Are you expecting this article getting at the Google trends?

Visualization sensitizes your living with your dreams and goals. It gives you clarity in purpose and more importantly passions. I notices lots of people they had their dreams but they died with dreams, why because they had no passions to achieve their dreams and ideas. Process of visualization is tremendous you just close your eyes and see yourself in their in the real picture. Just enjoy the charisma of happening what you are imagining by shutting your eyes. It creates real vibes and get you connected with that particular goals and dreams. For example if you want to win the world championship. You must see yourself with your imagination goggles. You must imagine what would happen if you are on the victory stand with your team and you are being handed over a Trophy.



The numbers of time you visualize a major goal as achieved or have you performing in excellent way in particular circumstances. Repeat a clear mental picture of your very best performance or result for more rapidly it was appear as a part of your reality. It’d better to visualize your major goal at least 3-4 times at in a day. Take it as your mental diet. This way you will get massively focused on your purpose.

Duration Of Mental Picture

The length of time you can hold the picture in your mind each time you replay it. The larger you can hold the picture from several seconds to several minutes. It would the large you can hold the picture the more deeply it will impressed in your sub-consciousness mind the more rapidly it will express itself in your subsequent performance.


A relationship between mental picture and how clearly picture of desired goals or result you can see in your mind and it quickly become your reality. It determines how quickly it materializes in the world around you. When you set a new goal it would be like a vague and fuzzy but MORE OFTEN YOU WRITE IT, REVIEW IT, REPEAT IT MENTALLY, and THE CLEAR IT BECOMES FOR YOU. Eventually it becomes crystal clear. You goal certainty appeared as world as you imagines it.


How much you are emotionally attached to your visual image. If your mental picture is so clear and you are enough intensive emotionally your visualization will turn to reality.

Elements of frequency duration, vividness and intensity can be hurting or helping. Power of visualization is neutral. It either can make you successful or failure. Visualization brings you whatever you vividly and intentionally visualize whether GOOD or BAD. Continuously feed your mind with positive and clear picture. Remember your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.


A Visualization method from  Nassim Haramein:  
“Consider your own body being made mostly of space. Close your eyes and experience the space that you’re made of and the space around you vibrating like a crystal. Then imagine that the rate of vibration of your bio crystal structure in the structure of the vacuum is equivalent to the information pouring in and out of you, in the same way that a crystal radio set tuned to a certain frequency allows you to hear a specific radio station.

In the body, if the brain is the antennae of the radio set, the tuning dial is the heart, which defines the frequency of information received through the fluid dynamics rhythm of your body, and which can be altered by your emotional state.”